Argyll, Somerled of (1100-1164)
Arnesson, Finn (1005-1062)
Björnsson, Erik Segersäll (930-995)
Bretagne, Judith of (982-1017)
Bröms, Elisabet (1560-1600)
Colonsay, Gilbert of (1040-1110)
Colonsay, Somerled of (1000-1083)
Corbet, Sybilla (1065-1125)
Danmark, Gorm Old of (860-935)
Danmark, Gunhild of (905-972)
Danmark, Harald II Blåtand of (911-986)
Danmark, Sven I Tveskägg of (960-1014)
Einarsson, Ivar White (1000-1060)
England, Elisabet of (1083-1150)
England, Henry I of (1068-1135)
Falaise, Herleva of (1012-1101)
Finnsdotter, Ingeborg (1032-1069)
Flandern, Baudouin IV of (980-1035)
Flandern, Baudouin V of (1012-1067)
Flandern, Matilda of (1031-1083)
Frankrike, Adele of (1009-1079)
Frankrike, Henrik I of (1008 - 1060)
Frankrike, Robert II of (972-1031)
Galloway, Afreca of (1099-1166)
Galloway, Fergus of (1070-1161)
Godresson, Harald (916-940)
Gudbjörgsson, Gudbrand (930-1001)
Gudbrandsdotter, Åsta (978-1045)
Hallstensson, Nils (1300-1354)
Halvardsdotter, Kristina (1305-1360)
Halvardsdotter, Kristina (1320-1375)
Halvdansdotter, Thorborg (1016-1060)
Halvdansson, Harald Finehair (858-945)
Halvdansson, Sigurd Sow (970-1018)
Haraldsson, Godred macArailt (940-989)
Haraldsson, Olof the Saint (995-1030)
Hebriderna, Gilbert of (980-1040)
Hebriderna, Harald Black of (980-1040)
Hedeby, Ragnhild Rich of (870-897)
Hedeby, Tyra Danebod of (854-930)
Henriksson, Carolus (1515-1600)
Håkonsdotter, Nn (1060-1105)
Irland, Ardgar of (1010-1064)
Irland, Domnall of (1048-1121)
Irland, Finola of (1145-1190)
Irland, Lochlainn of (980-1023)
Irland, Murcard of (1115-1166)
Irland, Niall of (1091-1119)
Isle of Man, Godred of (1030-1095)
Isle of Man, Godred Black of (1127-1187)
Isle of Man, Godred Don (1186-1230)
Isle of Man, Harold of (1207-1287)
Isle of Man, Magnhild of (1230-1295)
Isle of Man, Olof Bitling of (1080-1153)
Isle of Man, Olof Black of (1173-1237)
Isle of Man, Ragnhild of (1115-1175)
Isle of Man, Ragnvald of (1165-1229)
Isle of Man, Torleif of (1228-1290)
Ivarsson, Håkon (1038-1065)
Jönsson, Måns (1520-1557)
Jönsson, Per (1570-1646)
Karlsson, Örjan (1400-1473)
Karlsson, Örjan (1470-1548)
Kettilsdotter, Rådgerd (1380-1445)
Kiev, Anna of (1024 - 1080)
Kiev, Elisabeth of (1032-1085)
Kiev, Igor I of (875 - 945)
Kiev, Jaroslav I the Wise of (978-1054)
Kiev, Olga Helena of (885 - 969)
Kiev, Svjatoslav I of (942-972)
Kiev, Vladimir the Great of (956-1015)
Kintyre, Ruaídrí of (1145-1221)
Kintyre, Lawon of (1175-1240)
Kintyre, Nn of (1170-1230)
Laurenti, Martinus (1525-1610)
Luxemburg, Ogive of (995-1030)
MacLochlainn, Máel (950-997)
Mecklenburg, Estrid of (985-1032)
Månsdotter, Gullov (1550-1629)
Mårtensdotter, Britta (1584-1640)
Nilsdotter, Kerstin (1515-1560)
Nilsson, Per (1325-1375)
Norge, Erik Bloodaxe of (895-954)
Norge, Magnus I of (1024-1047)
Norge, Ragnfred of (923-990)
Norge, Ragnhild of (1042-e 1065)
Norge, Ragnhild of (1047-1100)
Norge, Sigurd a-Bush of (900-937)
Normandie, Eleonora of (1010-e 1030)
Normandie, Richard II of (962-1026)
Normandie, Richard III of (997-1027)
Normandie, Robert of (1008-1035)
Normandie, Vilhelm I of (1028-1087)
Ogmundsson, Halvard (1280-1350)
Olofsson, Per (1410-1489)
Orkney, Håkon of (1075-1126)
Orkney, Ingeborg of (1099-1126)
Orkney, Pål of (1049-1099)
Orkney, Torfinn the Stout of (1009-1065)
Persdotter, Birgitta (1440-1488)
Persdotter, Britta (1609-1666)
Persson, Jöns (1540-1587)
Persson, Karl (1360-1430)
Polen, Gunhild av (965-1015)
Polotsk, Ragnhild of (963-1002)
Provence, Constance of (973-1032)
Ragnfredsdotter, NN (975-1035)
Ross, Christina of (1200-1250)
Ross, Ferquard of (1170-1237)
Sigurdsson, Halvdan (999-1050)
Sigurdsson, Halvdan Black (935-1018)
Sigurdsson, Harald Hårdråde (1015-1066)
Skoglar-Toste, Toste (910-975)
Skötkonung, Olof (980-1022)
Svitjod, Astrid of (997-e 1036)
Svitjod, Ingegerd Irina of (1000-1050)
Svitjod, Rurik of (800 - 879)
Torasdotter, Gunhild (930-980)
Torleifsson, Hallsten (1272-1345)
Tostesdotter, Sigrid Storråda (945-1013)
Tostesson, Ulf den Gamle (930-975)
Tryggvasdotter, Ingeborg (945-1010)
Ulfsson, Ragnvald Jarl (948-1021)
Örjansson, Karl (1440-1485)
Örjansson, Per (1515-1553)

Ingeborg Earls Mother Finnsdotter

Grevinna på Orkney och Caithness, sedan drottning i Skottland.

1032 Norge, Tröndelagen, Östråt 1)
1069 Skottland, Alnwick Castle 2)

1049 2)
2. Erling of Orkney (1050 - 1098), earl (greve) of Orkney, Skottland 1064-1098.
Familj med: Malcolm III Caennmor of Skottland, (1031 - 1093), kung i Skottland 1058-1093.

1066 3)
3. Duncan II Mac of Skottland (1064 - 1094), kung i Skottland 1064-1094.
4. Malcolm Mac of Skottland (1066 - )
5. Donald Mac of Skottland (1067 - 1085)
Finnsdottir, Ingibiorg Earls Mother Died: BEF 1070. Father: Arnasson, Finn, Jarl of Halland. Mother: Halfdansdottir, Bergliot (Thorborg). Married BEF 1038 to Sigurdsdon, Thorfinn the Black of Orkney, Jarl of Orkney. Child 1: Thorfinnson, Paul I of Orkney, Earl of Orkney. Child 2: Thorfinnsson, Erlend II, Earl of Orkney. Married ABT 1066 to Malcolm III Caennmor of Scotland, King of Scotland. Child 3: Duncan II of Scotland, King of Scotland, b. ABT 1060. Child 4: Malcolm. Child 5: Donald. (Directory of Royal Genealogical Data, Hull, England)

The strife between Thorfinn and Malcolm no doubt continued till the death of the former (1064), when his widow Ingebjorg, the mother of his two young sons and successors Paul and Erlend, married Malcolm, which evidently indicates that a peace must have been concluded. That the young earls continued to keep the Sudreys, seems therefore most likely ; this, at least, is the most natural way to account for the appearance of Godred Crowan, as we learn hereafter, in the Norwegian army at Stamfordbridge. (Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, notes 1-2)

Thorfinn, when a mere child, had been placed by him over Sutherland and Caithness: In 1030, on the death of his half brother, Brusi, he annexed the Orkneys to his dominions. He is described as stout and strong, but very ugly; severe, and cruel, but a very clever man. Duncan I, who reigned from AD. 1034-1040, attempted to deprive him of his earldom, but was himself defeated, amid his defeat was followed by his assassination in the smith's bothy, near Elgin, at the hands of Macbeth, who succeeded him, and reigned from 1040-58. Thorfinn is said to have held a large Riki in Ireland, and to have extended his kingdom from Thinrso Shcerry to Dublin, and to have exacted tribute and assumed the prerogatives of the earlier kings of Dublin. He died about 1064. His sons were at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, and escaping from the slaughter, led a peaceful and inglorious existence as joint jarls in their northern home. Ingebiorge, the widow of Thiorfinn, married Malcolm III, who reigned from 1058-93. -Robertson, i. 98, 127, and 161-2. (Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, notes 1-2, fotnot 53)
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