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About myself:
  • My name is Björn Espell. I am an amateur of genealogy researching since twenty years back, and I live at Frösön, Jämtland, in the middle of Sweden. Sorry, much of the information in my homepages is in Swedish, but I think and hope you can handle it.
    In my research I have found 150 people from Hammerdal parish, Jämtland, who emigrated to the U.S. between 1850-1900.
    My motto: no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone !
    Click here if you want to get in touch with me.
    My homepage started Feb, 1997 and there are about 230 visitor every day during the last year.
  • In ancestors for Björn Espell you will find about 500 persons back to about the year 1500 A.D. They are from the provinces in the middle and the north of Sweden.
  • The fairytale starts with my grandmother's ancestress Britta Persdotter, 1609-1666 from Hov, Hackås parish, Jämtland, (Skanke-family), who was the wife of coppersmith Olof Oldberg. The fairytale covers her 120 ancestry in 20 generations to the time of the Vikings in the 900-century. The ancestors were in Jämtland down to 1350 and continued in Norway, the Hebrides, inclusive of Isle of Man, Kiev, Russia, Normandy, France, Orkney Islands and Scotland.
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